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As always, this web site remains committed to a no-nonsense down to earth approach to the problem of the existence of the land of Atlantis. As such, it has always been dedicated to the presentation of evidence in the most clear and succinct way possible, with the express intent of establishing a viable relationship between the findings of reputable scientists and Plato's famous lost Atlantis. As of June 2014 there will be no more updates, as I am retiring from maintenance of the web site.

Since its inception in 2001 I have enjoyed the fruitful input of my fans out there, who in several cases set me aright when I was in error. I want to thank you all for your praise, criticisms, and suggestions during the last decade or so. The site will no longer be maintained. However, for the next few years it will remain on the net as is for your information and enjoyment.

In order to get a clear idea of what this web site is all about, I suggest going to the Summary first—then the rest should fall into place. There is little attempt to pursue every myth and legend (worldwide) which might relate to the lost civilization: other web sites do an excellent job of that. I have centered my efforts on presenting scientific facts from reputable sources in order to illustrate that Plato's story can be taken seriously by professionals. Scientific sources are provided throughout so that the reader may check on "controversial" material. Great care has been taken throughout to insure that all information here presented is accurate. For those who may be unfamiliar with anthropological and geological terminology, a Glossary is also provided. Learn here about the 12,000-year-old stone temples in "Paleolithic" Europe—proof that Stone Age Man did practise monumental architecture! Also of a man-made pyramid under 40 metres of water near Terceira Island in the Azores.

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